Operational Security: The Threat and Legal Landscape

June 08, 2022

Welcome to the Industry Cyber Smart Series Session 2

Can you afford to be out of business for weeks? 
 When you mix people in a business of any size with data processing, it is a matter of WHEN (not IF) you will have a security incident to manage. Whether that incident merely is a hiccup or escalates into a reputational and legal blow to your business all comes down to your diligence and planning. Your organization’s ability to properly assess the impact of any incident, mitigate any harm, and properly resume or maintain business operations (all the while maintaining your customers’ and employees’ trust) is directly tied to your data governance planning. Lastly, it is not all about legal or compliance risks. Expanding international, federal and state regulations make having an information security plan (and executing it) a priority to even compete in certain marketplaces, be eligible for certain business opportunities, and sometimes stay in business.  

In this interactive session, Scot Ganow, Taft Partner and Chair of the firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice, will leverage real-world experience to walk you through:

  1. The current threat and legal landscape of data governance and security.
  2. Understanding the current and developing regulations governing the processing of personal and sensitive information.
  3. Best practices to reduce risk to your enterprise and increase the likelihood of a (timely) recovery from a security incident.
  4. The do’s and don’ts of incident response management.
  5. Dealing with a ransomware attack impacting not only the confidentiality of data but also ACCESS to your information systems.