Transform Capital Projects with Three Strategies to Maximize Technology

March 01, 2024


In recent years, digital technologies have changed the way chemical companies operate. These technologies have enabled information to become available when and where it is needed, allowed processes to become simulated in a virtual environment before being implemented on-site, made it possible for plant operators to be more mobile, and much more.

So, what do you do when you are building a completely new plant where your options are theoretically endless? How do you decide which technologies to employ and ensure they are truly integrated to create the biggest impact on your project? Where do you even start?

Join us for this webinar to find out how a chemical manufacturer tackled this exact challenge. Based on the learnings from a large capital project, Tony Lee, a Production Engineer/Supervisor from Evonik, will shed light on the thought process that went into making technology decisions and specific areas of the project that were impacted as a result. 

Mr. Lee will be joined by Todd Hassel, who is a Regional Account Manager with Siemens Industry.  


Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover how to maximize your investment in digital technologies.  


  • Discover how to approach technology decisions in chemical plants. 
  • Learn how to use new engineering and design tools for major capital projects. 
  • Understand the practical steps required for successful implementation of a multi-vendor operator training system. 
  • Gain insights into the considerations that go into creating a modern and efficient 21st century control room.