Zero Trust Principles for ICS Protection to Reduce Risks

September 15, 2022

Moving from presumed trust to assumed breached.

For many industrial control systems (ICS), trust has historically been assumed. Given the long-term use of these assets, when any ICS was designed, it was presumed that the asset owner and manufacturers knew what should and should not be trusted as critical to their systems..

As we enter an era of Zero Trust, we move from presumed trust to assumed breached where nothing is trusted without verification and minimal access is granted. Zero Trust introduces challenges that impact the use of legacy equipment, remote access for OEMs and integrators, warranties for automation controls equipment, and potential disruption to processes.

During this webinar, Fortinet and Siemens will explore the Zero Trust mindset necessary across OT and IT to secure modern and legacy solutions while supporting remote access and protecting resources (assets, processes, services, etc.) within a network boundary.